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WLX Horizon is the school district’s TV channel that provides St. Lucie County with instructional television programming, school board meetings, along with what’s happening in our district, and local shows about our schools.

WLX Horizon can be streamed on-demand for free via the WLX Horizon app! WLX Horizon can also be found on Comcast channel 13 (Ft. Pierce), Comcast channel 19 (Port St. Lucie), Blue Stream Fiber channel 19, and AT&T TV channel 99 (under St. Lucie County Community Channels) or check out the live feed.

Join us this week for new episodes of Sak Pase? with Joelle Saint-Dic and her guest Kandiss Moore (Student Assignment Coordinator) and Dieucica Desir (McKinney Vento Case Manager), ¿Que Pasa? with Linda Tapia and her guests Kandiss Moore, (Student Assignment Coordinator) and Angie Moreno (Parent Information Specialist) and Speakers Bureau with Dr. Donna Mills with her guest Dr. Samuel Gaines (Retired SLCP School Board Member and Owner of Stone Bros. Funeral Home)

¿Que Pasa?
Hosted by Linda Tapia

This month’s highlight on ¿Que Pasa? St. Lucie, Linda Tapia, host, interviews Kandiss Moore, Student Assignment Coordinator, and Angie Moreno, Parent Information Specialist. They discuss the Social Needs of Homeless Families Services, available with St. Lucie Public Schools in addition to enrollment periods and the process of applying for a magnet school in St. Lucie County. Stay tuned to ¿Que Pasa? St. Lucie, to learn about St. Lucie Public School resources available for homeless families. Detailed information about McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act and what parents need to know to register their student in a magnet school.

Lo más destacado de este mes en ¿Qué Pasa? St. Lucie, Linda Tapia, anfitriona de entrevistas, Kandiss Moore, Coordinadora de Asignación de Estudiantes y Angie Moreno, Especialista en Información para Padres. Discuten las necesidades sociales de las familias sin hogar y servicios disponibles con el distrito escolar de St. Lucie. Además, discuten de los períodos de inscripción y el proceso de solicitud de una escuela magnet en el condado de St. Lucie. Estén atentos a ¿Qué Pasa? St. Lucie, para conocer los recursos de las Escuelas Públicas de St. Lucie disponibles para las familias sin hogar. Información detallada sobre la Ley de Asistencia para Personas sin Hogar McKinney Vento y lo que los padres necesitan saber para inscribir a su hijo en una escuela magnet.

Sak Pase?
Hosted by Joelle Saint-Dic

This month’s highlight on Sak Pase St. Lucie, Joelle Saint-Dic, host, interviews Kandiss Moore and Dieucica Desir. They discuss Social Needs of Homeless Families and services available with St. Lucie School district. Stay tuned to Sak Pase St. Lucie for detailed information about resources available for homeless families, what is McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act and how McKinney Vento program supports students’ success.

Mwa sa, Sak Pase St. Lucie mete aksan sou resous disponib nan distri ya pou sipòte paran ki nan difikilte ekonomik. Joelle Saint-Dic fè entèvyou ak Kandiss Moore, Coordinator Student Assignment and Dieucica Desir, McKinney Vento Case Manager. Yo diskite sou kisa pwogram McKinney Vento a ye. Rete branche ak Sak Pase St. Lucie pou enfòmasyon detaye sou kijan w kapab kalifye pou pwogram McKinney Vento ya. Ak kijan pwogram sa ede pitit ou akademikman.

Speakers Bureau
Hosted by Dr. Donna Mills

Dr. Samuel Gaines joins Dr. Donna Mills on this month’s episode of Speakers Bureau. He talks about his past and his upbringing. Dr. Gaines explains about how he became a Board Member and how he became the owner of Stone Bros. Funeral Home. Dr. Donna Mills and Dr. Samuel Gaines also explain the differences of how they grew up and their experiences. They also compared their past to today’s children’s environment and the new history that has been made.  Tune into this episode of Speakers Bureau to learn more about who Dr. Samuel Gaines is and his achievements. 


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