Westwood Raider Consistency

On October 29th, Fort Pierce Westwood hosted its Annual Raider Meet. This was the second competition of the year for Westwood’s Raider Team. Eight teams competed, each having sub-teams for a total of  fifteen teams. These teams represented area high schools ranging from Okeechobee to Santaluces. There were three categories, each one stacked with heavy competition.

Westwood itself was in the mixed category, also the largest. The Westwood Raider team pushed themselves to compete with other schools. Westwood was able to secure two second place spots and showed great improvement over recent years. The Raider Team consisted of Thomas Lovell, Carina Ocampo, Omar Zunigar, Ryan Hartley, Timothy Reese, Vanessa Cruz, Karina Maldonado, Braden Rigsby, Jamerick Morrel and Marie Jean. The team captains were Brandon Payen and Nathen Andrews.