The Heart of Giving

Many of St. Lucie Public Schools’ families enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Fort Pierce Elks Lodge #1520.  According to our partner in education Lenny Smallacombe, “Chester A. Moore Elementary’s school staff asked for the organization’s help, and the Fort Pierce Elks Lodge #1520 was pleased to make 20 families’ Thanksgiving better.”
Pictured below: The Pantry Food Backpack Team is boxing Thanksgiving food items and turkeys for 20 homeless families who have children attending C.A. Moore Elementary School in Ft. Pierce.

During this time of year, members of The Pantry Food Backpack Team also doubled up on food items that were donated to the school because students were out of school for a few extra days due to the Thanksgiving holiday.


Author: Lydia Martin

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