Students’ Visual Arts Talents Featured in NY Gallery Exhibition

New York’s BFA Photography & Video School of Visual Arts selected the works of gifted student artists from Fort Pierce Central High School for an exhibit entitled 2017 America. Fourteen students from Ms. Heather Blackmon-Gordon’s classes have their works on display at the SVA Gramercy Gallery in New York City.  The total exhibit features a wide range of artistic perspectives from over 30 states.

Blackmon-Gordon said about her students, “I enjoy giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete at a national level.  Exhibitions such as this provide recognition for my students and the Visual Arts Program in St. Lucie County.”  Students whose works are currently on display at 2017 America are: Mark Allen, Alanis Aviles, Gabriella Borges, Deana Diejuste, Alexis Boyd, Caitlyn Brady, Elizabeth Branch, Yesenia Carona, Mario Marin, Jessica Hoyt, Sienna Medina, Evan Bongart, and Mariela Vertiz.

2017 America is an exhibit that provides visitors an opportunity to gain insight into what young Americans are thinking.  The range of artistic perspectives is varied, from personal to political, with an array of creative talents on display for viewers to appreciate.

Author: Lydia Martin

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