Thank You for Our Books!

Northport K-8 School has been the fortunate recipient of the assistance and support of the First United Methodist Church of Port Saint Lucie.  The church and the school have joined mission statements and worked together for the good of the children of Northport and to benefit the community.  Northport is a Title I school with a 100% free lunch population.  The support and good will from church members has been phenomenal and has truly brought community services directly into the school.  Not only have church volunteers helped out in classrooms, but they have also kick-started the Northport Summer Reading Program.

At each and every church service, members of the congregation were reminded about the Northport Children’s Book Drive.  Boxes and bins were placed throughout the church.  Members sorted and rallied to collect 1,005 children’s books targeted for kindergarten through grade four — enough books for each student to take home and keep two books.  Books will be displayed in the media center and students will be able to come in by class and “shop” with their teachers for books that look just right for summer reading.

The Northport community is so excited and thankful for the hand up from First United Methodist Church.  It is an exciting time in education because the community is stepping up and offering unprecedented support.  People are acknowledging the fact that we, as a community school, just can’t offer everything that our children need to be first class citizens and educated young adults.  Our community partners play a huge role in our mission of providing a safe and caring school, equipped with the services to offer knowledge, skills and a desire to succeed.  Many thanks to Rad and Pat Orlandi who served as direct contacts and partners in collaboration.

Pictured are students unloading the books, Marc Dorcin, Isaiah Evangelista, Nathan Lejeune and August Millang as well as Mr. and Mrs. Orlandi

Author: Lydia Martin

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