Better Speech and Hearing Month

During the month of May, Northport celebrates Better Speech and Hearing month.  We are so thankful for our very own speech and language therapists, Jennifer Carey and Nicole Sedan.  Speech and Language therapists are some of the unsung heroes that make a school a successful learning environment.

School based Speech and Language Therapy addresses sound articulations, stuttering issues, reading comprehension, vocabulary, syntax problems as well as pragmatic issues such as eye contact, turn-taking and coping strategies and many other integral aspects of speech and hearing.

Helen Keller once noted that of all of her impairments, she was perhaps troubled most by her lack of speech and hearing.  She elaborated that while blindness separated her from her things, her lack of speech and hearing separated her from people.  There are over 123,000 speech-language pathologists in the world.  Almost half of those work in schools.

Way to go, Jennifer and Nicole!

Author: Lydia Martin

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