TCHS Gaming Club Grows Exponentially!

Mr. Darrell M.Schwartz, history teacher at Treasure Coast High School, announces that about two months ago the Gaming Club was created on our campus.
The purpose of the club is to bring all students together who have an interest in friendship and fun competition. The club includes Video and Computer Gaming along with Board Games and Card Games. The club meets weekly and has grown to over 40 students attending with very limited promotion. The most amazing aspect of this club is that it is attracting students who would not normally participate in school events and/or after school activities. A lot of the students have now found a place to hang out, talk, make friends, and have friendly competition.
The club is now looking at creating competitive gaming groups that will be able to compete with other schools online within our state and nation. They are calling themselves Gaming Athletes.
Please feel free to stop by any Tuesday from 2 to 3pm (bldg. 4, room 211) to see this phenomena yourself!

Author: Stephanie Stark

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