Gaines Academy Designing Ankle Orthosis

Mr. MacKenzie’s Project Lead the Way class at Samuel S Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies is working on an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) in PLTW class. The students are tasked with designing, building and testing a AFO as a prototype for children with Cerebral Palsy. The students are to use the materials given by the teacher to create the prototype and then present their build and how it works all while following the criteria given.  

Gaines Academy Hands-on Learning

Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade science class is back with even more hands-on learning. Students were able to measure and calculate the exact mass and volumes of various objects and substances using several different methods. Students were able to experience using science lab instruments and techniques such as using triple-beam balances, graduated cylinders, and performing water displacement calculations.

SGAET AVID Exploring Aerospace Program

Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies AVID students go on a Virtual Field Trip to learn about the Aerospace Program at Fort Pierce Central High School! SGAET’s tech knowledgeable students are always looking for future pathways in tech industries!

SGAET Clouds in a Jar

Ms. Blackburn’s Science Resource classes have been studying the water cycle. At the end of the unit, they created clouds in a jar to see the cycle in action. Using hot water and ice cubes the creation of evaporation and precipitation was shown.  Then, hairspray was used to mimic dust particles for water droplets to attach to create the clouds. What an awesome STEM activity!

SGAET Bullying Prevention Interactive Stories

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies 6th grade students in Miss G’s computer science class are raising self-awareness on how to prevent bullying in their school and community using the block-based programming language called Scratch. Students get to put their computational thinking and problem-solving skills to the test by using events, sequences, and parallel responses to code an interactive anti-bullying message (in the form of their choice – e.g., ad, story, meme, animation), highlighting how to thwart and stand up against bullying. At the culmination of their project, students are encouraged to … Read More

SGAET 8th Graders “Think Win-Win”

Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade homeroom students were given a weekly STEM challenge: determine the number of balls in a large box. Students were given 5 minutes to plan their approach while keeping in mind the Leader in Me habit of “Think Win-Win”. The students were then given a 5 minute timer to execute their plan. The rules of the challenge stated that students must keep all the balls off the floor and that after the 5 minutes was up, all the balls must be in the box. The students used excellent teamwork to divide and conquer the task with some … Read More

SGAET Wave Action

Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies 7th grade science students used models and manipulatives to learn more about waves and their properties. Students rotated through activities using manipulatives such as tuning forks, springs, and rope to help them process concepts regarding the parts of a wave, wave interactions and model longitudinal and transverse waves. Their teacher, Mr. Breedlove,  used a wave simulation model to help students identify various properties of mechanical waves. The wave simulation demonstration had students mesmerized at how a wave disturbance can be slowed down and investigated!

SGAET Investigates the Atmosphere

6th grade students in Ms. Blackburn’s Science Resource were able to recreate the layers of the atmosphere. This was a great hands-on activity to help show students how some layers are thicker or heavier than others and how they act upon one another.

Chemistry is a Snap at SGAET

At Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies, Mr. Nicks’ 8th grade Science class incorporated their knowledge of compounds, elements, and mixtures to complete a hands-on activity. The students used Snap Cubes to demonstrate the differences between compounds, elements, and mixtures (homogeneous & heterogeneous). The students then used their models to explain the reasoning for its construction.

Gaines’ Turtle Rehab

Students in Ms. Blackburn’s 6th grade Science Resource class are learning about turtles, their habitats, and threats against them. The photo shows students measuring and weighing their turtles to see if they need to be brought in for rehabilitation. Students got to use the same equipment that marine biologists use on the turtles and loved doing it. This great hands-on activity is through the Traveling Trunk Program.

Gaines’ AVID Program

SGAET AVID students are practicing their verbal communication skills by describing an unknown image to their partner. Partners are working on active listening and asking specific, clarifying questions in order to produce accurate results. Groups were able to reflect on any barriers to communication and improve their accuracy at recreating the provided images with each new attempt. Students also became more comfortable asking specific questions when they were confused, as well as attempting multiple different descriptions in order to connect with their partners. AVID students will keep building these collaborative skills over the next few weeks as they start to … Read More

Gaines’ Tadpole Learners

The students in the self-contained unit are reading books and collectively raising tadpoles. They are interacting with the various texts and learning by doing. The most recent lesson focused on students creating their own life cycles. The class can not wait to see the baby frogs!  

Gaines’ “Kinder” Giants

Kindergarten Colts were real Scientists as they used magnifying glasses to observe the world around them. Then, they recorded their observations. By the end of the day, our littlest Colts felt like giants looking through the magnifying lens!                                        

Sam Gaines Academy Kinder Kites

At Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies, Kindergarten is celebrating the last days of this school year by popping a balloon a day. Inside each balloon is a STEM activity. Today, Kindergarten students made a kite out of a paper bag and went outside to fly them.

SGAET Kindergarten Treehouses

Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies kindergarten students culminated their unit of study on Needs and Wants with a STEM challenge. Students listened to the book, Everything You Need to Build a Treehouse; and then drew a blueprint of a treehouse. They brainstormed the materials they would need. Then, they gathered their materials and built their treehouses. Students were told that their treehouses had to be elevated and have a way for the people to get up and down.

SGAET Mask Boy & Sanitizer Girl

Wow, what a process! Kicking off the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Steward, our amazing K-5 Technology teacher, pitched to the students that he wanted them to write a children’s book to see their imaginations go to work on handling the new challenges we faced this year. With his experience in having illustrated and published two children’s books, he guided them through a seven step process from concept to finalized layout. While finalizing the illustrations in the book, we had the privilege to be introduced to Mervin Jenkins from Flocabulary to help create a song for the book. This song was … Read More

Gaines Student to Compete at State Level

Join us in congratulating Janessa Diaz for being one of the District Science Fair Finalist. Her prototype for a wind turbine will be moving on to the Middle School Engineering division of the state competition. She created a way to measure the efficiency of the turbine by using a pulley system and measured the results of the efficiency of the wind turbine daily to keep records of how the turbine performed. As part of the Science Fair, the students were to create a short video presentation in lieu of being interviewed by the judges. Janessa created a creative animation video … Read More

GirlsWhoGame@Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies

January 28th, was the culminating celebration for the GirlsWhoGame clubs and the completion of their January competition. Samuel S. Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies is the only school participating from Florida and one of only thirty schools participating in the GirlsWhoGame clubs across North America. GWG clubs are sponsored, mentored, and guided by Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Intel for the purpose of encouraging young girls into the field of STEM.

SGAET Cleartouch Boards

Samuel S.Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies’ first grade students were able to divide their new Cleartouch interactive board into different centers to be used at the same time! Students played baseball while also calculating equations to determine a sum. They used digital pictures of animals to associate with scientific words. Finally, students sorted pictures to understand the differences between fruits and vegetables while also sorting short and long vowels.

Microsoft Showcase School Summit

Samuel Gaines Academy of Emerging Technologies Principal, Keith W. Davis, Sr. and Instructional Coach, Michelle Powers virtually attended an international Microsoft Showcase School Summit on November 3rd and 4th. The focus for the summit was on using Microsoft technology tools and applications for enhancing educational practices and the presentation of innovating ideas that could be brought back to the different attendees’ schools.