Students Find Opportunities to Serve Their Community Through Humane Society Partnership

A team of students from Ft. Pierce Magnet School of the Arts (FPMSA) is working hand in paw with the Humane Society of St. Lucie County, Inc. According to Mrs. Jacqueline Lynch, principal of FPMSA, the students involved in this community service based project are members of a leadership cohort at the school. “They are so excited to be involved and support the Humane Society’s mission to educate the community on responsible pet ownership and to support finding safe homes for animals in our area.”


The team of student leaders enjoyed the first school visit from the Humane Society where they learned first-hand about the organization, its day-to-day operations, and the challenges of locating safe and secure homes for each animal.   The students met Odie, a two-year-old Blue Nose Pit who landed in the shelter after his owners moved and housing regulations restricted dogs. Odie, a gentle and friendly canine who is also taken to local nursing homes for visits, immediately captured the hearts of the students. They brainstormed and exercised their problem solving skills to share ways of supporting Odie’s adoption.


As the students continue to partner with the Humane Society, they will learn and understand the importance of responsible pet ownership and why adopting pets is important for their community.


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Author: Lydia Martin

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