PBIS Chance Opportunity Event at Mariposa Elementary

Wow! What a lucky CHANCE it was to win an awesome prize from our PBIS CHANCE Opportunity Drawing Event at Mariposa Elementary. For only three Butterfly Bucks, students had the opportunity to win one of our fantastic prizes. The CHANCE to win took place all month.  The drawing was broadcast live from our Mariposa Studio Newsroom with Mr. Wesley Dessources announcing the winners of these great prizes. The following students won these fabulous prizes:
Hello Kitty Personalized Ear Buds – Deyana Johnson
Hello Kitty Sketch Portfolio—Neilani Warren
Spirograph Card Creations – Cambree McKinney & Germene Jean-Louis
Design your own Birdhouse—Charlize Molina & Isabelle Vega
Kickball– Christopher Nicodemus & Brianna Locklar
Art Pad/Colored Pencils/Markers– Cambree McKinney
100 Weirdest Facts Book and Fun Origami Paper Planes– John Hern
Two Mind Craft Books Redstone Handbook & Essential Handbook—Dahlila Robbins
Two Mind Craft Books Combat Handbook & Construction Handbook— Abigail Santiago
Bone Collection – Skulls Book with Military Binoculars— Arrielle Jocelyn
Big Box of Awesome Rocks and a Whoopee Cushion – Landon Reitz
Congratulations to all!

Charlize Molina, Brianna Locklar, and John Hern are happily holding their PBIS prizes. There will be more Chance Opportunity Events as the year progresses.


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