Antravious Soleyn, a recent graduate from Fort Pierce Central High School and member of the poetry club, was one of the honored guests at a recent Speakers Bureau event at Dale Cassens Educational Complex.  His positive command of the language and poetic verse captivated students as he recited a poem that he wrote.
Guest speaker Mr. Tony Barnes, SLC NAACP President and Fort Pierce City Director of Purchasing, also spoke to students about his love for sports as a youth and because he was so good at playing football, he thought he was the man. He made poor grades in school and did not take his education serious. He soon found out after graduation and going into the workfield that he needed to continue his education in order to economically move up in life. He went back to school, graduated from college, and now has the position and career he holds today.
The Speakers Bureau provides opportunities for local personalities to share insight and inspiration with students on campuses throughout St. Lucie Public Schools.
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