PSLHS Spirit Mural Donated to Jaguars

Thanks to the generous donation of an alumni, the Port St. Lucie High School Jaguars have a lot to cheer about as homecoming week festivities kick off on Monday, October 10.    A supersize spirit mural featuring the Jaguar mascot in an 18’ x 144.5’ display will send a roar of school pride across the campus in a ceremonial unveiling on October 14 at 6:55 pm before the homecoming game crowd.

The custom mural, valued at $18,900.00, was designed and will be painted by Douglas Hancock, Vice President of Sign Pro of North Florida, Inc.  Hancock is a 1995 graduate of Port St. Lucie High School who wanted to give something special back to his alma mater.  When talking about the design of the jaguar in mural, Hancock said, “I wanted a powerful and strong look without it being menacing.  After many revisions I think we nailed it.”  He added that the lettering was also unique and completely hand rendered for this project.

“Our students and staff have a vested interest in this as well.  When we received word of the generous offer, excitement spread and questions poured in asking what was needed to support the project.  The cost of the paint is $1,400; we will continue to collect donations to cover the materials cost, and we are hoping that this starts a trend towards painting additional murals throughout the school,” explained Principal Adrian Ocampo.  Financial support for this project can be sent to Port St. Lucie High School, c/o Frances Millar, 1201 SE Jaguar Lane, PSL 34952.

The mural will be featured on the high school’s athletic building greeting fans as they approach the school’s on-site athletic fields.  Spanning 2,619 square feet, it is perhaps the largest high school mural in the area. 


Author: Lydia Martin

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