Southport Middle School Hosts the Hunger Games

Principal “Effie” Nicole Telese officiated Southport Middle School’s first annual Hunger Games Math Competition and Pep Rally. Tributes from 12 districts competed to be the first to solve and answer word problems that were displayed for the packed gymnasium.

Each tribute was chosen to represent their district after the course of a week of classroom competition and rigorous math review activities. Students, one girl and one boy, from every sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math class who earned the most points throughout the week, were chosen as the tribute to represent their district.

The districts rallied to move up the leader board until the one winning district for each grade level was clearly the winner. The victorious sixth grade tributes from District 10 were Charley Willoughby and Emily Pena from Ms. Janice Williams’ class. The seventh grade champions were from District 11, Alyssa Zaccaria and Grady Pastore from Ms. Julie Sadowski’s class. Kimmika Calixte and Mario Chacin were the 8th grade victors from District 9, Ms. Kristine Ramirez’s class. Competitions in basketball, free throw, and relay races between students and faculty finished off the Pep Rally. Southport’s Band played throughout the afternoon to boost school spirit. Everyone enjoyed the excitement and fun of the Games!

hunger games poster girls