Fort Pierce Westwood Senior Wins $1,000 Grant

Nicole Thomas, a senior at Fort Pierce Westwood High School, received a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) grant from the National Future Farmers Association (FFA) for a Breeding gilt (a female pig that has not yet given birth). Nicole applied for the grant because she is starting to breed gilt’s for the local FFA and 4-H. She hopes to provide a service┬áto 4-H and FFA students to be able to purchase their show pigs from a local breeder for the County Fair.

The $1,000.00 grant that she received will offset the funds associated with breeding and the purchase of a farrowing crate that the pig will be placed in when it is time for her to have her piglets.

Nicole is the first person in Florida to be interviewed by Matt Brechwald from Off Farm Income Podcast for FFA. She is also the only FFA member in Florida to be selected to receive a SAE grant.

Congratulations, Nicole!