Southern Oaks Middle School Media Center News

Southern Oaks Middle School’s media center has already been extremely busy with students this year. Ms. Odom and Ms. Aguila started the year off by working with Mrs. Kappler’s 7th grade Civics Class during the first week of school. The students came in for lessons on text features within their Civics Textbook. First, they took an interest inventory and a pre-test. Then the students were given a lesson on text features using a power point presentation. The students came back to the media center and were put into small groups based on their interests and scores on the pre-test. After multiple activities, the students were given a post test. The results were great! The students will be coming back soon for instruction in using the information found in the text feature to actually answer questions.

Then all of the students at Southern Oaks Middle School came to the media center for a brief orientation and book check out. We are looking forward to an amazing year with our students.