Southern Oaks Middle School Annual Fall Book Fair

The students at Southern Oaks enjoyed a couple of weeks of book fun at their annual fall Scholastic Book Fair.  Thanks to our students, teachers and staff we received $2,126.89 in free books!  We could not have done it without the help of our Southern Oaks family.  Students enjoyed the new titles offered in our book fair.  Michael Schmitt was one of our best shoppers.  He enjoyed our selection of historical and military books.  We love to see our students excited about books.

Southern Oaks Middle School Students Visit the Media Center

The students at Southern Oaks Middle School began their weekly visit to the Media Center in September.  The students will come to the media center each week for 15 minutes through Science, Social Studies and Language Arts classes to check out books.  Each week, the students will come to the media center with a different class.  During this time, Ms. Odom (Media Specialist) and Mr. Knight (Media Clerk) will read from a variety of  books to help the students venture out of their reading preference to something a little different.  Eighth grade student Sebastian Lippard has started reading his book. … Read More

Southern Oaks Middle School 7th Grade Graphic Novel Author Winner

Ms Odom and Mrs. Aguila brought Mr. Clark’s 7th grade Language Arts students into the media center to begin writing a short story as a graphic novel.  Mr. Clark had the students finish the stories in his class.  The students had a great time writing and illustrating the stories.  They could work alone or in groups of two or three.  Our first place winner was Nthaily Cummings for her story entitled “Lock In”.  She won a $25.00 Visa Gift Card and a variety of other prizes from our prize closet. Great job Nthaily and congratulations to Mr. Clark’s classes for a job well … Read More

Southern Oaks Middle School Media Center Hosts 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

Ms Odom and Ms Aguila hosted a 12 Days of Christmas contest in the media center.  Winners were selected randomly from a pool of students that have not had an overdue library book this school year.  Our winners were Michael Schmitt, Olivia Offerdahl, Caralie Frizzle, Cassie Ackenbrack, Jordan Insinger, Dyllan Murphy-Nichols, Gabe Schuester, Brandon Worrell, Annabel Garcia, Caleb Gamboa, Mackenzie Bain, EJ Roberts, and Calvin Frizzle.  The students selected three prizes from our prize closet.  Way to go Hawks, keep reading!

Southern Oaks Media Center Participates in Green Apple Day of Service

Cathy Odom (media specialist) and JoAnn Aguila (media clerk) invited Ms. Anderson’s 7th grade science students into the media center for a lesson on invasive species in Florida.  The students learned about the invasive species that are causing problems in Florida.  The students discussed what they could do to solve the problem.  Then the students played a game where they were given a native species card and six blank cards.  Then a card was drawn with survival factors.  The students had to tell if the survival factor had an effect on their species.  If it did,  they lost one of the … Read More

Southern Oaks Middle School Media Center News

Southern Oaks Middle School’s media center has already been extremely busy with students this year. Ms. Odom and Ms. Aguila started the year off by working with Mrs. Kappler’s 7th grade Civics Class during the first week of school. The students came in for lessons on text features within their Civics Textbook. First, they took an interest inventory and a pre-test. Then the students were given a lesson on text features using a power point presentation. The students came back to the media center and were put into small groups based on their interests and scores on the pre-test. After multiple … Read More