SLW Centennial Law Academy Students Present to Palm Pointe Civics Students

SLW Centennial Law Academy students presented a Mock Trial to over 120 Palm Pointe seventh grade Civics students. This was a collaborative effort between Mrs. Sandra Oliveira, Law Academy Coordinator, and Mrs. Lulkin and Mrs. Cruz, 7th grade Civics teachers, to enhance the learning experience for the seventh graders who are learning about the court system and the trial process.

The Law Academy students prepared and presented the case. The seventh grade students were placed in jury groups to deliberate the outcome. After the presentation, there was a debriefing session where the seventh graders could ask questions of the presenters. This was a great experience that provided the Law Academy students with an opportunity to practice and apply what they have learned in the classroom and an equal opportunity for the seventh graders to observe a mock trial presentation in a courtroom setting.

Author: Sandra Oliveira

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