SLW Centennial High School History Teacher Nominated for Fulbright Teaching Position

William Ortiz graduated in 2019 with a BA in History and International Affairs from Florida State University.  He has just been nominated as an alternate for a Fulbright Teaching Assistant position in Columbia.

In the summer of 2019, William was accepted into the Charles B. Rangel Summer Enrichment program as a 2019 “Rangel Scholar.”  The Rangel Program is a joint program between the US Department of State and Howard University.  The goal of the program is to enrich undergraduate students and recent graduates with knowledge of the inner workings of the State Department and potential career paths.

William says:  “We toured various government agencies such as the Department of State, Foreign Service Institute, and World Bank, and had private meetings with officials and government employees.  I also took classes at Howard University on the history of US foreign policy and political economy. I am hoping to use my experience as a Rangel Scholar to apply to the Rangel Fellowship,”  William explained.  “The fellowship provides funding for graduate school and a guaranteed five-year position as a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State.”

Congratulations to Mr. Ortiz and good luck with securing the Fulbright Award.