SLPS Professionals Present at FCTM

The annual Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference was held in Orlando on October 20-22, 2016. Six sessions boasted presenters representing professionals from St. Lucie Public Schools.

The Area Model for Whole Numbers and Beyond (Christina Worley and Jason Bragg)
The Productive Struggle is Real (Michele Schucher, Laurie Boyer, and Adrianne Mendoza)
Operations with Fraction Blocks (Elizabeth Pruitt and Zoie Griffiths)
Making Math Meaningful for All: Transforming your instructional practices to increase student achievement for every student every day! (LaTanya Greene and Samantha Piscopo)
Differentiating Math through Daily 3 Framework (Victoria Pease)
Fluency: Beyond Flashcards and Rote Memorization (Kimberly Jay and Christina Worley)


Author: Lydia Martin

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