SLPS A Promise Is A Promise Program-A Guaranteed Teaching Position After College Graduation

Teachers are in high demand, and education is one of the most rewarding careers available today! St. Lucie Public Schools recognizes the value that SLPS graduates add when they return to the schools they attend to teach the next generation of students.
We promise to hire declared students upon graduation from college who meet certification eligibility requirements.
Interested in educating the next generation? Take the Steps!
  1. Meet with your assigned school Counselor at your high school.
  2. Declare Education and/or Teaching as your intended field of study in college or university.
  3. Receive the St. Lucie Public Schools “Promise is a Promise” certificate upon high school graduation.
  4. Return to St. Lucie Public Schools with teaching certification to begin your career as a professional educator.
Learn more about this program here:


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