Samuel Gaines Academy students teach writing to parents

The giant banner hanging from the auditoria walls with a smile greeted, “Welcome to Family Writing Night and Thanks for Joining SGA as we FLEE into Writing.”  Kristen Register (AVID teacher and coordinator), her AVID team, Matthew Roy (7th Grade Language Arts teacher and Department Chair), SGA teachers and staff hosted Family Writing Night.  In this school wide celebration of writing, seven AVID students from Katie Ludwig’s 7th grade, Language Arts class played the role of “writing teacher.”  Leonor Barron, Kayla Conaway, Neillande Francois, Aleshia Johnson, Loudrige Josue, Minnie Murray, and Edith Raya confidently taught and modeled how to use FLEE Maps to plan for an essay.  These ladies’ command of the audience and mastery of the Write…for the Future program inspired their teachers, parents, and peers.  The excitement of Writing and FLEE Maps soared in the air and was contagious by the end of the event. Pictured are Minnie Murray and Loudrige  Josue.