Gaines Academy students host and present civics projects

Juding and ceremonies for Project Citizen, 2012, at Sam Gaines Academy was held recently.  As the hostesses, students and staff members were extra excited to impress the judges and community.  After several weeks and months of grueling work, it was finally time for students to present their projects. There were three groups from Gaines Academy — one group was from Mary Gokcen’s seventh grade civics class, in which students created a project that focused on the problem of bullying.  The other two groups presented their projects on FCAT.  The first group was from John Davino’s first period civics class, and included, pictured from left, Isabella Kochanowski, Destiny Hill, Cameron Wilson, Jayling De La Cruz, and Unique Avery.  The other group, which was from John  Davino’s seventh period  Advanced Civics class consisted of Mehdina Koleini, Michaela Kelly, Jasper Magnuson, and Stephanie Destile. The Gaines Academy representative groups reveled in the experience of it all; the experience of presenting relevant problems and realistic solutions in a 4-minute speech and 6-minute grueling question and answer selection.  Though this experience was a first for most of them, Gaines Academy students claim it would not be their last.