Principal’s Panther Praise PBIS Event

Fort Pierce Westwood began a new, school-wide PBIS event with their students this year.  The Principal’s Panther Praise 200 Club (100 Club for MOA campus) requires randomly chosen teachers and staff to identify students who meet our ROARS expectations in and out of class each day.  Ten tickets are given out each day to be distributed to students for R-respect, O-on task, A-accountable, R-responsibility, S-safety.

The identified students  pick a number at random and their tickets are placed on the Principal Panther Praise board which is located in a heavy traffic area for all adults and students to see.  Phone calls go out to share the great news with the families and they sign a “Celebrity Book”. Once ten tickets in a row are on the board, each of those ten students win the “mystery envelope.”  Once rewards are given out, it starts all over again.  This is an individual-team PBIS event and all students are eligible to win. The event will continue all year long.