Parkway Contributes Eco-Art to Oxbow’s Earth Day Festival

Parkway Elementary and their 21st Century Afterschool Program have been collaborating with Oxbow on a year-long recycling program.

Students in grades 3-5 participated in Oxbow’s Watershed and Wildlife program. The students identified recycling as their school-wide stewardship project. This project culminated with all classrooms receiving a recycling bin.

The 1st and 2nd grade 21st Century class decided to participate in the 2022 Earth Day Festival by creating a piece of Eco-Art!  They learned about where garbage goes and the importance of trying to reduce, reuse and recycle! The class decided to do an art piece using bottle tops! Everyone submitted a drawing of their idea for the scene that would be created out of our bottle tops. They voted for a winner and with two submissions getting equal votes, they decided to combine the two into one picture! The amazing end product is the result of collaboration and teamwork!