Parents and 6th Grade Students SOAR at Southern Oaks

Southern Oaks Middle School hosted its 6th-grade transition camp to throngs of parents and students. On Wednesday, July 25th, the SOMS campus hosted two well-attended sessions for welcoming incoming 6th graders and their families, one in the morning and one in the evening. Attendees were able to see the inner workings of their new school. They were also able to meet and spend intimate time with key individuals and the campus. The principal, Henry Sanabria, gave an opening welcome presentation to everyone; then, parents and students were led on guided tours to three different workshops offered in rotations. The workshops included were PBIS/Extracurricular activities, Guidance/Electives/Testing, and Deans/Discipline. Guidance counselor, Amanda Snure, allowed attendees to fully understand the process of moving to different classes which is a new concept for most elementary students. Teacher and athletic coach, Caitlyn Blair, gave a fun talk about sports, discovery day, and other parts of daily student life. TSA, Andrea Strachan, talked about behavior and dean’s office processes. The sessions were informative, and parents and students were allowed to ask questions. One attendee commented, “I wish I knew all of this information last year.” Not only were the sessions informative, but students received SOMS souvenirs like water bottles and wristbands.


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