Palm Pointe families enjoy second CSI night

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition recently held its second CSI Night. The case was to solve the mystery of the missing goldfish. The school had purchased a goldfish and had just named it “Rocky” in a contest when the goldfish was found missing from the front office. Students were asked to come to a special CSI Night to run forensic type tests to figure out who took the fish. There were five suspects from the Palm Pointe staff: bookkeeper Dana Schang, instructional coach Kathleen Melrose, fourth grade teacher Jada Jolie, fifth grade teacher Juliet Murray, and second grade teacher Lorri Rudzinski. After all the tests were run, Kathleen Melrose was found to be the guilty suspect. This was a great learning experience for the students and a lot of fun for the families. The families were also treated to a free dinner provided by the school and prepared by Pam Molner, one of the school’s exceptional volunteers! Pictured, from left, are Joseph D’Ampolo, Lorri Rudzinski, Anthony D’Ampolo and Kathleen Melrose.