Oak Hammock K-8 Students Train the Mind and Body While Focusing on Students’ Well-Being

Students in Coach Branim’s physical education classes are learning about the importance of having a physically fit mind and body. All students, on campus and MySchool, start each class with warm-up exercises. Coach Branim reminds students, when your body is active, you feel better physically and mentally. Students are learning warm-ups activities that allow the blood in their body to flow, this provides for better movement and brain function. Simple exercise movements are incorporated with each lesson to help students feel comfortable and relaxed. The picture shows the Kindergarten class learning different exercises with the Little Sports website. Coach Branim’s third-grade virtual students were being shown how to do jumping jacks. Students are training their mind and body by learning how to reduce stress and improve their physical and mental well-being in their physical education class.

Oak Hammock K-8 Kindergarten Class



Coach Branim warms up with 3rd Grade MySchool students


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