Northport VPK-8 School Participates in Laudable Young Author Program

Northport VPK-8 School students from across the campus came together as a community to participate in the Annual Young Author’s program. Students, teachers and parents collaborated to bring the magic and joy of writing to Northport students. Students worked to think up great ideas from a variety of genre’s, write the story, edit, rewrite, illustrate, match the words to the pictures, develop plot, characters and setting and to bring conflict into the story line. Students wrote at their level across the VPK-8 school and then proudly displayed their books as a class or grade in the media center. The Northport Media Center was decorated with the theme, “Journey Through Books!” Each class used a favorite book as a backdrop to highlight their own books. For example, Jill Staggs and her fourth graders used the book “A Land Remembered” by Patrick Smith to entice other students who toured the library to read that book. Susan Smith’s seventh and eighth grade students used the Harry Potter series as their decorative backdrop to showcase their books. The tables were filled with artifacts about a highlighted book. The Northport Young Author program is first rate because it is an adventure in writing that all students, no matter their writing level, can participate in and find common ground and common language with every other student on the campus. It is so refreshing to have parents, grandparents and students come in and tour the media center to view the student writing workmanship. Many young students asked if they could “check out” other students books. Seven students were selected from across the campus to represent Northport at the District Young Author’s held recently at Oak Hammock K-8 School. Those selected students put their heart and soul into writing magical books. Northport representatives are:

Victoria Gallway from Miss Schrader’s grade 2
Sawyer Griffin from Mrs. Smith’s grade 8

Ranjiv Sundersingh from Miss Roe’s grade 3

Emeli Morales from Mrs. Day’s grade 3

Sharon Manzano from Mrs. Smith’s grade 8

Joseph Mathis from Mrs. Fowler’s grade 5

Zakai Mack from Mr. Carey’s grade 8

Pictured are Big Brother, Big Sister mentor, Mary Saul and her Little, Northport 4th grader, Walky Julien.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist