Northport Thrilled to Host Speakers Bureau and Inspiring Guests!

Northport was so proud and thrilled to host the Speakers Bureau with Dr. Donna Mills recently. The Speakers Bureau is now in seven SLC schools and the guests who are invited to speak and interact with students are meant to help inspire, motivate, encourage and teach students how to make good choices. Each guest selected by Dr. Mills is a person who is willing to stand up for what is right and one who is a model for inspiration.

At Northport recently, students were engaged and inspired by several guests. Along with Dr. Mills and Dr. Kenneth Mills, guests included recent Fort Pierce Central graduate Antravious Soleyn. Antravious performed Spoken Word for the eighth grade students and told students about his plan to go to IRSC, become a teacher, and return to SLPS under the A Promise is a Promise program to teach and return his life lessons to the youth of our community. Big thumbs up to Antravious Soleyn for being a great role model for Northport students.

The keynote speaker in Northport’s Media Center was SLPS Superintendent E. Wayne Gent. Mr. Gent’s invaluable discussion and interaction with the students was greatly appreciated. Right off the bat, he gave the students an assignment. The assignment was to tell a teacher how much he or she is appreciated. Students listened intently as Mr. Gent spoke about his life story and their ears perked up when he told students that his role model in school was his eighth grade history teacher. Students at Northport could relate to this because an in-depth look at American History and lessons on patriotism are embedded in the culture and fabric of Northport. Mr. Gent spoke about setting goals, staying focused, being strategic, never giving up, and making good choices. He offered students a challenge: “Define Yourselves!” He said, “Nobody can take away your value!” Mr. Gent told students that the highlight of his life is to shake students’ hands at graduation. The Superintendent’s message and delivery were authentic and he skillfully wove the pattern of his life and gave students the beginnings of a map to build their own lives.

Northport has had the golden opportunity to work with the Mills and with others who inspire, offer challenges, and encourage students to rise to every occasion. Our students and teachers are blessed to be part of the Speakers Bureau. Many thanks from Principal Glenn Rustay and from the Northport community of learners.


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Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist