Northport third graders de-stress their first FCAT

Northport K-8 third graders in Linda Beidler, John Fallon, Janine Wiecks, Diana Lankow, Melanie Polascak, Glenda Taylor and Tiffany Tredor’s classes took the stress out of their first FCAT test by taking whacks at a homeade pinata on Friday in the school’s courtyard.  As each student took a whack and showed who was boss, they were urged to shout out a learned test taking strategy.  Stategies called out were read the entire passage before attempting to answer, consider key words, underline the key words, cross out distractors, read the questions first, answer from the last question to the first, substitute words for vocabulary questions and the biggest strategy was “think before you answer!”  Students have worked on basic test taking strategies all year but were given an intense course in strategies by literacy coach, Deb
 Mock using a program called Get Smart.  Pictured is third grader Christopher Cabrera from Janine Weicks class taking a swing at the pinata.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist