Northport Students Work Diligently on Noteworthy Project Citizen!

Northport seventh graders are working diligently on their very meaningful Project Citizen collaborations.  Students are following the criteria for the projects by identifying a problem, gathering information, examining alternative policies, proposing and developing their own public policy and then developing an action plan.  Northstar instructor  Thomas McDonald and Elizabeth Montilla, the critical thinking  teacher, are collaborating to make sure that efficacy is evident in the very important projects.

An example of student work is exhibited by students Clarousse Alfred, Duwyen Williams, John Riordan and Jose Rodriguez.  These students are passionate about getting sidewalks on Curtis Street.  Curtis Street is the street many Northport students use to walk to and from school each day.  They are worried about someone getting seriously injured as cars and students both use the heavily populated roadway.

Students followed the criteria and contacted Port St. Lucie City Manager for Sidewalks Master Plan Edith Majewski.  Mrs. Majewski came to Northport and spoke at length with the students about their plans.  Students found out that one mile of sidewalk costs $400,000.  They were floored at the enormity of the project.  The students’ next step is to contact Marty Sanders, SLPS Executive Director of Growth Management, Facilities and Maintenance, to have him offer direction on how to create a petition to change public policy.

Students are adamant about the need for the sidewalk on Curtis Street.  Their project is entitled “Kids Deserve Safe Routes to School!”

Keep up the impressive work, Northport students.  The learning is authentic and noteworthy!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist