Northport students research to problem solve big issues

Northport K-8 sixth grade students in Melynda Slater’s Critical Thinking classes have spent the last five weeks honing critical research skills using Environmental Studies as the theme.Students used all aspects of research skills building to construct a superhero who could solve many of the dilemmas facing some of Earth’s most serious concerns. Some of the topics students researched were global warming, oil spills, recycling, water conservation, fossil fuels and rain forest decimation. Each student researched, using the media center, classroom computers and a variety of other materials. Each made a PowerPoint slide show addressing many aspects of each issue, but the format was so much fun that students actually made themselves into their superhero. Along with the research and the slide show, students constructed a newsletter that addressed each issue to share. Student Ciara Hickman became Ms. Global Warming. Ms. Global Warming talked about her superpowers such as x-ray vision, super hearing, ability to look into the past and the future and her ability to float above it all. She also told about her childhood and her ability to arrest people who littered ant put them in “litter’s jail.” Students were thrilled to take important issues, research and become the actual problem solver. Pictured are Seairra Davis, Ms. Slater and Ciara Hickman.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist