Northport Students Prove the Lessons Learned at All-American School!

The lessons of patriotism, love of country and American flag and a healthy respect for our military are lessons that are taught over and over again at Northport VPK-8 School. Every morning, a different student signs up to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the school intercom. Veteran Partners In Education are a strong component of the fabric of the school and local veterans are involved in many of the programs and activities that happen at the school. Students make posters that line the hallways of Northport and recite a special “American Children’s Pledge” on notable days such as POW/MIA Remembrance, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and the 9/11 Commemoration among many other special days. The school community takes pride in their student alumni who have gone on to serve the country in the military, especially notable is Sgt. Xiovani Guanill who has become an elite Army Ranger. Alumni serving in the military have their pictures in uniform displayed at the school.

Out of the blue, sometimes, as teachers, we are taken aback and our breath catches because we realize that our lessons are coming to fruition. Recently, Northport students, Jay Antheny, Billy Tzul, Joshua C., Dominic A. and Joshua Rhyant, Northport third, fourth and fifth graders, completed a monument at home, all on their own, depicting soldiers beneath a waving American flag. The monument to the American Flag and the Fallen soldiers is displayed in the school media center for all children and families to enjoy. Northport truly is an All-American school and the children understand that message. Excellent job boys! You make us all very proud of your demonstration of lessons taught by parents, school and community. Pictured is third grader, Joshua Rhyant holding the monument.

Lynne Gruszka

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist