Northport Students Promote Praiseworthy Information at SLPS District History Fair!

Northport K-8 history instructor, Bob Burdge, and eleven Northport middle grades students represented Northport at the SLPS District History Fair held at Indian River State College recently. Students explored and presented exciting and informative topics such as, “How Did the Women of the 1920’s Explore Their Rights and Encounter Change?” “The Significance of the California Gold Rush,” and “Amelia Earhart’s Exploration of Aircrafts: The Development of New Ideas.”

Mr. Burdge is celebrating his last year as not only a colorful and unparalleled history instructor for thirty-five and a half years, but as a History Fair Coordinator for at least twenty of those years. Bob Burdge has been an asset to Northport and to the “Art and Science” of teaching history. He will be sorely missed and the profession will be lacking due to the loss of his expertise.

Pictured with Mr. Burdge from top left are: Keyla Pocheco, Dallas Persick, Claudia Almanza, Haley Hensley, Dana Barcomb and Alicia Morrow.

Pictured bottom left are: Kiara Badalo, Rosette Garcia, Estefany Medina, Chastine Maharaj and Melanie Giachetti.

Great job and well done students. Via Con Dios, Mr. Burdge!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist