Northport Students Learn about Cancer and Relay For Life

Northport K-8 students are preparing to participate in the annual Relay for Life to benefit cancer research this year with a variety of activities. Students in grades K- five participated in a Valentine’s dance with music, food and their finest dress up clothes recently. A wonderful time was had by all students, parents and staff that attended the evening dance. Students in grades K-2 were visited by representatives from the American Cancer Society. Lori Finkel and Robyn Young discussed cancer and what it means to have cancer and several things that can be done to protect against the dangers of cancer for example, wearing sunscreen, exercising, staying away from second hand smoke and eating a healthy diet. Students listened to primary source, Tameka Walker, a face that is familiar to them, discuss her own fight with cancer and what it means to be a “Survivor!” Mrs. Walker is one of the school’s Americorps tutors. She comes to school every day to assist in the K-2 area and tutor students who need help with reading and writing. Americorps works hand in hand with Big Brothers, Big Sisters program of Saint Lucie County in helping to better serve our children. Pictured is Mrs. Walker, the American Cancer Society representatives and Northport teachers learning and teaching about cancer in the school’s Media Center. Special thanks to teacher, Tiffany Tredor for organizing the Northport Relay for Life benefit programs.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist