Northport students explore Native American cultures

Northport K-8 fifth grade students in Carla Caldwell’s class demonstrated critical information learned through intensive studies of Native American tribes from different geographic regions of North America. Students compared and contrasted the different interactions each had with their geographic region and how this affected their lifestyle and their dwellings. Students identified cliff dwellers and Pueblo people of the Desert Southwest, coastal tribes of the Pacific Northwest, nomadic nations of the Great Plains and Eastern Woodlands tribes found east of the Mississippi River. Students constructed replicas of dwellings and tribal regions for display in the media center. The construction supported the integral assistance offered for Special Education students as well as meeting the diverse needs of English language learners. All students engaged in the excellent hands-on opportunity for deeper instruction and learning. Students visiting the media center had their interests tweaked when viewing the projects and were encouraged to check out resources to assuage the intellectual opportunity for growth. Pictured are the fifth graders as well as instructor Carla Caldwell and assistant principal Brooke Wigginton, far back right.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist