Northport Students Excel in Think Through Math Program

Northport K-8 School is very proud to commend ESE instructor, Evan Jones, ESE instructor, Alex Phillips and paraprofessionals, Reggie Williams, Isaac LeBrun and Donald Patterson. The teachers, paraprofessionals, and their students have been utilizing Think Through Math.

Think through Math is an online computer program that provides unprecedented differentiation for grades 3 through Algebra I. The program is thoroughly research based and is a winner of the 2014 CODiE in Best Math Instructional Solutions.

During the month of October, TTM is featuring a THINK 30 contest as one of the incentives for utilizing the program. Classrooms are eligible to compete if they complete at least ten math lessons for all active students in the current class of ten or more students. The first weeks featured THINK 30 classes are The Jones class at Northport K-8 School in Saint Lucie County, the Davis class at Uwharrie Middle School in Randolph County, South Carolina and the Kramer class at Cedarhurst Elementary School in Highline Public Schools, Washington.

We currently have six classes at Northport K-8 School who are utilizing the program to differentiate student instruction. There are currently 2,000,001 students using the program nationwide.

Congratulations to Evan Jones’ class for being selected as one of the top three classes in the nation for the first week’s THINK 30 Classroom winners. Mr. Jones’ received a $50 gift card for a class celebration! Way to go Mr. Jones and class.

Pictured from left on couch are, Andrew Paulmeno, John Daziani, Kevin Proske and Nick Lewis. Standing from left are, Reggie Williams, Matthew Tyson, Donald Patterson, Logan Stubbs, Mike Altieri, Elliot Ross, Cynthia Reynolds, John Ramsey, Evan Jones, Alex Phillips and Isaac LeBrun.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist