Northport Students Evaluate Scientific Data Using Science Detective Skills

Northport is pleased to present our 2015-2016 middle grades Science Fair in the school media center. The Science Fair, under the direction of Dr. Laura Woodworth and a cadre of science instructors, are offering students an opportunity to stimulate out of the box problem solving. Students are encouraged and guided through the use of STEaM processes.
Students moved about the media center reviewing projects and using check sheets to ensure that displays presented required data and followed correct procedures. Students asked and answered a variety of questions such as, “Is there a real world problem being addressed?” “Is the hypothesis testable?” “Did the procedures test the hypothesis?” “Are the graphs correctly made for the data type and does the graph reflect the hypothesis?” and “What improvements could be made to the experiments and to the boards?”

The Northport Science Fair is an outstanding representation of scientific detective work and an invaluable look at scientific work that seeks to solve problems and benefit nature and society.

Dr. Woodworth states, “Science Fair requires creativity of thought and critical thinking skills as students relate their science education and scientific processes to try and solve real world problems.”

Excellent work to all who participated. Stellar!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist