Northport student inspired by letter from author

Northport K-8 fourth grader Cierra Yuhas knew she was having difficulty with reading comprehension. She spoke to her teacher, Carissa Provencher, who provided some valuable advice: select your favorite book, contact the author and get some tips on how to better understand concepts from books. Cierra took her teacher’s words to heart and wrote a letter explaining the situation to Cynthia Lord, author of “Rules”, Cierra’s favorite book.  Lord wrote Cierra a very special letter with some words of advice to keep reading, to look closely at everything because it becomes more beautiful. The author also advised Cierra that her book was inspired by her son, who has autism like the book’s main character, and told Cierra to look out for her next book called “Touch Blue”. Cierra has been so inspired by the letter from Cynthia Lord that she is reading more than ever, as well as looking forward to writing her own Young Author’s book. Pictured is Cierra with her book and letter.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist