Northport Selects Stellar Volunteer of the Year!

Northport is thrilled to present Cindi Cairo as our Adult Volunteer of the Year for 2019-2020.
Cindi has volunteered at Northport for the last three years. She has assisted in the kindergarten and in third-grade. One of the jobs that Cindi helps with at Northport is assisting in small group centers for math. She is innovative in her modeling methods for math. She makes up new games to help children learn multiplication tables. The students love the games so much that they are playing them with other children from different classes at recess.m​Cindi also has chaperoned many field trips including the planetarium and the park, as well as the Oxbow Eco Center.​

Cindi spends much of her time on the hunt for school supplies and books for all the children in need at our Title I school. Every week at least once or twice, she brings a bag of school supplies and books to the media center to be dispersed to students in need. She hunts in thrift stores for items that are much needed and appreciated here at school. Cindi is also an excellent mentor. She supplies much needed emotional support for children with an encouraging word, a smile and a pat on the back. She has built a wonderful and genuine rapport with the students and teachers. ​Cindi helps bring food to the school along with many members of our local church Partners in Education, First United Methodist Church of Port Saint Lucie. The church congregation supplies much appreciated breakfast and lunch during teachers Professional Development days and during Teacher Workdays. What a wonderful and kind feeling it is to know that Cindi and the congregation appreciate our school staff and children.​

Cindi also makes homemade flash cards for children struggling with math facts and multiplication. The students love to have a handmade set of cards. A large part of Cindi’s work is collecting books for the school’s “Faith In Literacy” Summer Reading program. Cindi has collected thousands of great books to help students hone and keep the reading skills acquired from their teachers throughout the school year. She has cultivated friendships with so many people in the community that offer her small amounts of money to help pick out good books for kids. She gets real satisfaction looking for and finding the most popular books that children enjoy and at the same time, tries to find books of many different topics so that students can expand their reading horizons.​
Cindi feels that finding that “Just Right” book can make a huge difference in a child’s life or just spark that light that encourages children to find a passion for reading and learning.​ Cindi kicks the school year off right with the kids too! She, along with many members of the local community, stand in front of the school on the very first day holding a sign that may read, “I Care. Do Your Best!”​

We are so thankful that Cindi comes to Northport every week. She is a great advocate for the school and the children and she genuinely cares about each child finding a passion for literacy. Way to go Cindi!

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist