Northport Second Graders Get Visit From Weather Celebrity!

Great morning of learning at Northport K-8 School recently as WPTV Weatherman Steve Weagle visited and intrigued students.

Children in Kate Ploeckelman, Lorri Lamm, Kristin Schrader, Denise Fields and Jennifer Lusardi’s classes learned all about weather and weather calculations from the chief meteorologist. Students learned that to be a meteorologist, you need to love math, science and computer technology. Mr. Weagle spoke to students about weather forecasting and showed students how to make a homemade anemometer and how to study weather maps from satellites. He also discussed mini weather stations for hurricanes that take measurements of wind speed, temperature and humidity with a mini parachute called a dropsonde.

This was a great opportunity to hear and learn authentic information from a community professional and a television celebrity. Thanks to Steve Weagle and to all the second grade teachers for offering students a full complement of learning strategies and information.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist