Northport Reveals Strong Support for SLC Reading Council

Northport K-8 Teachers and staff exhibited strong support for the initiatives of the Saint Lucie County Reading Council with an excellent turnout at the collegiate groups very first function. The mission of the SLC Reading Council is ” to promote a district- wide passion for literacy!” Northport is proud to support the exchange of ideas and strategies among other educators from across the district and to help promote positive interactions with literacy leaders from other schools. The first event was a “Meet and Greet” held recently at Johnny V’s restaurant in Saint Lucie West. Other events and initiatives include a “Books and Spirits” event at the Hilton Garden in Saint Lucie West and a “Winter Book Exchange” at Panera Bread in SLW. Northport K-8 School members of this collegiate and professional group include Media Specialist, Lynne Gruszka, Executive secretary, Louise Robinson, Northport Book Keeper, Rebecca Leone, Instructors, Georgia Stone, Lorri Lamm, Dorothy Still, Ann Barbare, Tracy Lejeune, Sandra Tyndale-Harvey, Mindi Slater and support staff member, Sarah Lewis. An excellent cross- spectrum contingency from Northport K-8 School. Many thanks to incoming president, Heather Bolitho and her staff for the excellent camaraderie. Memberships are still available for $15. Please consider joining this group of “literacy leaders!”

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist