Northport Rallies For Fifth Annual “Unity Day!”

Every year for the last five years, Northport has united for a huge campaign to stamp out bullying. The students have listened to not only “Joe the Biker” speak, but dozens of other speakers whose message has been one of nonviolence, empowerment and anti-bullying. Students have made thousands of posters, worn orange for anti-bullying and red for drug awareness. Many times, we have found that drug and alcohol usage in and around the home make bullying and anger issues more prevalent for students. We dubbed the denouement Unity Day. Every year, students dress in orange or red and walk a marked trail around the school with their resource teachers. Every year, parents and community members stop by the school to walk with the students in a show of solidarity. This year, students started the day with a special pledge and swore to:

1. Understand the dangers and consequences of bullying and drug usage.

2. Promise to respect themselves and others by not bullying or doing drugs.

3. Promise to respect the rules of Northport.

4. Encourage others to live a safe, healthy, friendly and drug free life.

This year, Student Assistance Services from New Horizons and Big Brothers, Big Sisters and AmeriCorps tutors as well as teachers, administrators, staff, parents and community members joined forces to drive home the very important issues of bullying and drug awareness. Every Northport student got to take the “Unity Day Walk,” make a poster, listen to the Northport band and to talk with each other about drug awareness and student empowerment against bullies. It was a simply first rate day at Northport VPK-8 School. Please like us on Face Book at Northport K-8 School to see pictures and to get up to the minute information about our All American School.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist