Northport partnership with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of SLC flourishes

Northport K-8 School and Big Brothers, Big sisters of Saint Lucie County have formed an excellent working partnership to bring the very best services to the students. Not only are targeted students the recipient of a terrific mentoring program under the direction of Lauren Fowler, but the AmeriCorps tutoring branch of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of SLC supports our Kindergarten through second grade targeted learners with in depth and strategically intensive lesson plans. The plans are designed in collaboration with the classroom teacher to bring each student to grade level and beyond. The tutors plan and then meet with individual children to bring the most powerful instruction to each child. AmeriCorps Director, Jenna Stinnett assists tutors in lesson planning, scheduling students, collaborating with specific instructors and keeps the program moving along at a lively pace. Many thanks to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters programs for their part in increasing the Northport K-8 school grade for 2013-2014 and purposefully helping students meet their highest potential. Pictured are the tutors this year who will service 30 targeted students this year from grades K-2 from left, Azzam Abdur-Rahman, Barbara Heller, Tameka Walker and Jenna Stinnett.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist