Northport Partners With SLC School Board to Stamp Out Bullying!

The month of October has been designated “Bullying Prevention Month” and is recognized by Northport K-8 School as well as Saint Lucie Public Schools.  Northport is thrilled to take part in such an important and vital issue. Bullying can become pervasive if left unchecked. The Saint Lucie Public Schools and the Northport community are taking the bull by the horns and working in conjunction with parents, community members, bullying specialists, deans, teachers, school staff and administration to fight against the scourge of bullying in schools. Every October at Northport, students make posters, listen to guest speakers, consult with school deans and teachers and work in clubs such as “Boys to Men” and “Girls to Women” to help get a firm grasp on bullying in the school and to stop it in its tracks. Northport recently hosted “Joe the Biker” to discuss bullying and especially cyber bullying in the middle grades area.

In recognition of Bullying Prevention Month, an anti- bullying assembly will be held Friday, October 9th for grades K-5 in the gymnasium. The presenter will be the enthusiastic, Joe Wojcik, better known as “Joe the Biker” who visited recently with middle school. Joe is a wonderful presenter and we are looking forward to his visit! Times are grades 3-5 9:45-10:30 and grades K-2 10:45-11:15.

On Wednesday, October 28, all students will participate in the school’s 5th Annual Unity Day Walk Against Bullying. Students walk with physical education instructors, resource instructors, classroom teachers, administration, community members, parents and support staff on a marked path around the school perimeter. Students make signs to carry that depict messages to stamp out bullying and chant anti-bullying messages as they participate in the Walk. Students wear orange or blue shirts to present a unified team against bullying. All are welcome to participate in the Northport Unity Day Walk.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist