Northport participates in Bowling For Kids Sake!

Northport K-8 School gladly participates each year in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Saint Lucie County “Bowling For Kid’s Sake!” The school is so appreciative of the excellent work that the organization produces in the school to help raise the achievement level of selected students in kindergarten through third grade. The mentors and the AmeriCorps tutors visit the school on a daily basis to assist the teachers and students and help to raise the bar for student success. The “Bowling For Kid’s Sake” event this year was held at Superplay in Saint Lucie West recently. Northport administration and staff were so proud when the school’s name was announced as the business or school with the largest giving for the 3:00 pm time slot. The event was made memorable with lots of camaraderie and good sportsmanship among the school staff and students. Special thanks to principal, Glenn Rustay, assistant principal, Lorie Monroe, Media Specialist, Lynne Gruszka, ESE Department Chair,Sherri Yacovino, Maryanne Warren, Prevention Specialist, as well as teachers and staff, Georgia Stone, Josie Bailey, Michael Spivey, Tammy Boston, Juliette Thelusma, Mindi Slater, JB Stone and students Juliana Thelusma, Grayson Warren and Summer Moore. The school appreciates the great partnership with CEO, Dr. Judi Miller, AmeriCorps Program Director, Jenna Stinnett and Mentor Liason, Lauren Fowler.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist