Northport Media Center Sets High Expectations!

Northport K-8 Media Service Center opened its doors to new and returning students on the very first day of school. Teachers sign up for class orientations for media center procedures to establish routines, review the Destiny library program, review the Dewey Decimal System and how to locate books and resources available. Students select books based on interest and review choices with the instructor and the Media Specialist, Lynne Gruszka.

The Media Center at Northport is available every day for class visits to check out books, to work on research assignments utilizing technology and support materials, allows for interaction with the many programs available through the Media Center and collaborates with the classroom teacher to scaffold information learned in class lessons. This year, the Northport Media Center will present programming that includes a September 11, 2001 Commemoration, two book fairs that are family focused, a Veterans Day class visit and a monthly Leadership Roundtable with guests that will include community leaders from the local area. The first Leadership Roundtable guest will be Florida Representative, Gayle Harrell. The Leadership Roundtable will scaffold information for the St. Lucie County History Fair topic, “Leaders and Legacies” and offer students primary source material for their selected topics. Students will visit with community leaders in an informal, interactive question and answer period to discuss how too become leaders and learn leadership skills through intensive questioning.

The Media Center also will offer an intensive program that includes a look at World War II, Normandy Beach and the Honor Flight program. The center hosts the Veteran Partners in Education program throughout the year and promotes veteran classroom visits and mentoring programs. The Media Center hosts the school’s History Fair and Science Fair for student perusal. The Northport K-8 Media Center offers critical information for high student achievement, great student book choice selections to enhance the desire for reading, offers collaboration with the classroom instructor to enrich the classroom experience and offers a deeper involvement with information of interest or need through specific materials and coaching.

It is the pleasure of the Northport K-8 Media Services Department to diffuse positive information pertaining to the school community to media sources and outlets such as the Lucie Link and local news TC Palm.

Be on the lookout for forward movement for students and families in Media Center usage and positive growth and development in programming for the entire Northport extended community.

Pictured is Instructor, Dorothy Still, second from the left and her seventh grade class utilizing the Media Center. Students are: Zakai Mack, Micaela Aza, Dana Barcomb, Hope Bingaman, Lara Croft, Elijah defazio, Sikari Dickson, Emilia Dovale, Ciara Hickman, Wilkin Jean-Pierre, Jazmine Mathis, Shane Mcclellan, Ryan Mishow, Gabriella Oates, Maylina Rivera, Demontavious Smith, Michelle Stabile, Tyler Stiel, Jaiden Valine, Victoya Zamor.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist