Each year, Northport K-8 School presents a tribute to the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  This year the school hosted retired New York City detective and First Responder Albert Hickey, St. Lucie County firefighter Gary Hollett, and many veteran Partners in Education from across the county. This year, Detective Hickey spoke of seeing only a handful of American flags while driving on his way to visit the school for the program. Students at the program expressed to Detective Hickey that they needed an American flag. In honor of the nine months of work that Detective Hickey performed at Ground Zero and in honor of the school’s Veteran Partners in Education, media specialist Lynne Gruszka, pictured, left, and media clerk Sarah Lewis, right, decided to start a program called “Northport K-8 School: Building American Pride, One Flag At A Time!” The pair is raising much needed funds through community efforts and outreach to purchase American flag kits for each of the 212 graduating eighth graders and their families to be presented along with their diploma at graduation. Partnerships have been formed with Bayshore Diner, which donated 600 American made flag lapel pins for students, and will hang flyers and promote the program as well as private donorships from St. Lucie County citizens. Families who have donated so far include Robin Booth Cafarelli, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rowe, Mrs. Dorothy Vanderhoff, Mrs. Karen Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Arnold,  Dr. Mike Salerno and Mrs. Linda Walker.  If you know of a business who can help promote Flags Across St. Lucie for Northport K-8 School, please contact lynne.gruszka@stlucieschools.org. The school would love to send each student and family leaving Northport K-8 School this year off with a sense of pride in themselves and their country and all the opportunities that it has to offer.