Northport media center promotes American initiative

Northport K-8 Media Center is busy promoting books, programs and initiatives, but the one most special to media specialist Lynne Gruszka and principal Glenn Rustay is the “Building American Pride, One Flag At A Time” program. The program was kick started immediately following the Northport annual 9/11 Remembrance program in September. Guest speaker, retired New York City Detective and 9/11 First Responder Albert Hickey, spoke to the students about his experiences and noted that few homes had American flags waving on his drive to the school. Many students expressed that they would like an American flag flying from their homes and want to know where to purchase flags. Ms. Gruszka began a campaign of community involvement and education about the program and continues to receive many donations from community clubs and citizens who care about the students, the school, the programs offered and the country and wanted to help the school fulfill the need. Students will receive their American flag kits right along with their diplomas in June at the formal eighth grade graduation. The Sons of the American Revolution will hand out the flags and many veterans as well as Detective Hickey will be present. The flags will be dedicated to the extremely difficult work that Detective Hickey did to assist the country and the victims of September 11, 2001. Special thanks to Robin Booth Cafarelli, Vic and Cheryl Rowe, Dorothy Vanderhoff, Karen Sweeney, Dr. Michael Salerno, Linda Walker, retired Northport principal Jane Summa, Nancy Wernicki, Grace Therapies, LCC, Bill and Mary Arnold, Detective Albert Hickey, Jack Ivy Detachment, Women’s Aux. Mirta Cepeda, Dr. Judi Miller, Korean War Veterans Association chapter 106 and Retired USAF Sgt. Roy Brewer. The educational initiative will continue until April when the flags will be purchased. If interested, please contact Pictured is Ms. Gruszka accepting a donation from Sgt. Brewer.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist