Northport Lifts up Beloved Teacher in Quest to Fight Sickle Cell Disease!

Northport K-8 School has a reputation for battling for causes of all kinds with our local community, our students, our families and the school staff. Whether it is teaching children respect for veterans and patriotism, teaching kindness for all living creatures through the “Paws For Claws Animal Kindness” club, teaching children to care for the environment by nurturing a campus that has been declared a natural habitat and a butterfly sanctuary, participating in the local Relay For Life to help find a cure for cancer, partnering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Saint Lucie County to help support students who need mentoring and tutoring, collecting for the elderly, homeless shelters and natural disaster victims, fighting against bullies through our Unity Day efforts, helping families in need through collections and donations and so many other causes to make students aware of their civic duty and their humanity.

This month we are lifting up one of our instructors, Marie Solide. Mrs. Solide lost her daughter Kookie recently to Sickle Cell Disease. On October 8, Northport faculty, students and staff wore red to support Mrs. Solide and her devastating loss. The school community also was invited to purchase bracelets for a dollar to support finding the cure for Sickle Cell disease. All proceeds for bracelet purchases will be forwarded to Howard University Center for Sickle Cell disease in the name of Northport K-8 School. The education of our students in not only the Florida Standards but in partnering with parents and community members to help form well-rounded, loving, caring and kind individuals is tantamount to becoming ready for a full and dynamic life and it is our duty as educators to further enhance every partnership we build with our school community. Pictured are some of the valiant warriors at Northport K-8 School who are helping lift up Marie Solide in her fight against Sickle Cell disease, from left, Roy Thompson, school social worker, Angel Bracero, 7th grade civics instructor, Sandra Tyndale, intensive reading instructor, Lynne Gruszka, Media Specialist, Marie Solide, special education instructor, Lorie Monroe and Brooke Wigginton, assistant principals, Melody Nieves, kindergarten teacher, Sarah Lewis, media clerk and Glenn Rustay, Northport Principal as well as students from the school.

Author: LYNNE Gruszka

Northport K-8 School Media and Marketing Specialist